We Now Offer Custom Static Clings!

Static clings are made from a thin plastic film that “clings” to different surfaces with static electricity. Static cling will cling to smooth surfaces, typically glass, but also plastic and metal. Standard static window clings are printed with a vibrant full-color, solid design and have a glossy finish.

    • Pros: Free of adhesive, window clings can easily be removed, repositioned, and reused. Both sides of the material cling to glass so they can be placed inside or outside a window. If you want your static cling to be placed on the inside facing out, it is recommended that you add the “Inside Glass” option to keep the ink from staining the glass. Static clings can be printed in any size, from small window cling stickers to large promotional signs. Options such as shape die-cutting andclear static cling are available.
    • Cons: The lack of adhesive means that static clings are not weather-resistant. Static electricity is not enough to keep static clings secure against the elements. Clings are not recommended for vehicles. Additionally, the material begins to lose its ability to cling over time and may need to be re-installed or even replaced.

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